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by | Dec 4, 2014 | Featured

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The day of Epiphany is the day in the church year when you should finally add those magi to your nativity set. After all, many scholars say that Jesus would have been about three years old by the time the magi actually delivered those gifts of gold, frankinsense and myrrh. That’s a long time to wait around in a manger.

Epiphany always takes place twelve days following Christmas (that’d be January 6th, regardless of the year). It is the end of the Christmas season. The decorations are taken down, the Christmas music is put away (unless you’re in radio, in which case that likely happened at 12:01 AM on December 26), and everyone hunkers down until the season of Lent starts.

If we’re all honest, it’s the kind of day which brings out a bit of melancholy in us – at least in the United States, where so much focus is placed on Christmas. After all, Jesus got the gifts of the magi, not us…right? And Lent doesn’t rank highly on the list of most people’s favorite seasons of the year.

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Maybe that’s one of the reasons so many countries around the world have developed traditions of giving gifts on the day of Epiphany. For example, in the Philippines, children leave their shoes out so that the three Kings will have a place to leave money and/or candy.

Your church website is a gift to the world. It’s an invitation to the people in your neighborhood to find hospitality, grace, welcome, support, and love. (Probably donuts and a potluck or two as well, but we’ll skip that for now.) And who among us isn’t in need of more of those gifts?

So, in honor of all of those places in the world where gifts are given on Epiphany day, we thought we’d give a gift to you. If you’re really lucky, the Three Kings Aboundant gurus will bring you a new church website…for life. And if you’re not so lucky, you’ll still get a gift or two. But you’ll have to wait until Epiphany to check your shoes email to unwrap your gift!

We’ll undoubtedly come to our senses on January 7th and will never, ever repeat this contest again. So, share the joy and gifts by telling your pastor, church staff members, or others you know who care about church websites. Everyone will get something fun, and you could win a gift for your church that keeps on giving to others!

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