How to get instant images from Unsplash on your church website

Screenshot of Instant Images on laptop

Aboundant subscribers received a HUGE upgrade today: instant images from Unsplash, a leading source of free images with Creative Commons licensing. How huge? Try 550,000 images…with more being added every day! It’s one of the largest sources of curated photos. (And remember…they’re free! You’re just asked to credit the photographer if you can.)

Anyone who has worked with websites knows how tedious it can be to find a great image and then download, resize, upload, and add the image to a page or post. Our latest feature makes it super easy to accomplish all of this right on your page or post. Here’s how easy it is to add an image to a new post.


Step 1. When you’re in the editor, click the Instant Images button.

screenshot of Instant Images


Step 2. Search for the image you want. Be patient – loading the images may take a little while initially. Click on the one you photo you want to insert into your page or post.


Step 3. The icon in the middle of the photo will change a couple of times until it becomes a green checkmark. Keep waiting…


Step 4. When the new window appears, fill in the meta details like the alt tag and description (not required, but recommended). Choose the alignment and size you prefer. Click Insert into Post if you want to use that image immediately, or Save All Changes if you want to just add it to your Media Library.

How will this new image feature help you?

These are a few of the ways your life will be easier with Instant Images.

  • Search for images – Quickly find photos for just about any keyword in a few seconds, then upload them right into your media library. Think of the time you’ll save!
  • Find images by photo ID – While Unsplash is an incredible resource, its search functionality can be rather frustrating. If you come across an Unsplash photo you love on some other website, you can find it quickly if you know its ID. Just add id: before the image ID, e.g. id:8pOTAtyd_Mc. If it’s found (give it a try!), you’ll get a single result back.
  • Improve your site design and content – If you’re working on a page for which you don’t yet have a great image, use this tool to find one that will suffice in the short term. Sometimes, the images will even spark great ideas for your ministries!
  • Edit image metadata – Before you add an image to your library, you can edit the image filename, the alt text (what you see if you hover over an image; this also is important for user accessibility and for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes), and the caption (the description that appears below your photo.)
  • Use the images outside your website – Once you add an image to your Media Library, you can always download it for use in worship slides, social media, your bulletin cover, and so on. Just open the image in your Media Library, copy the URL, open that URL in another tab, then right-click to save it.

Go give it a try now – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add incredible imagery to your Aboundant website!

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