Aboundant Plans On Growing. Join our Collaborative of Misfit Do-Gooders.

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Jobs

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We’ve spent 10 years figuring out who we are as a company and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’re becoming. We’ve built a model that is innovative, supportive, collaborative, super flexible, and intrinsically rewarding.

Did you know everyone at Aboundant is Part-Time

While other companies are just starting to explore what it looks like to have professional part-timers, we were built that way from the ground up. Aboundant staff are either quarter-time, half-time, or three-quarter time and even that fluctuates. We value our work at Aboundant but we understand our work is not who we are. We have other goals, aspirations, and responsibilities, and Aboundant is here to compliment those human needs, not to get in the way.

It’s Empowering to Work as Part of a Collaborative

We create and maintain standards through consensus building, and hold each other accountable to our shared values. At the same time, Collaborators are able to set their own schedules, work from wherever they like, and have autonomy over the projects they work on. We also like to think of our clients as collaborators, valuing connection, mutual respect, and teaching with them.

Are You a Misfit Do-Gooder?

We often joke we are the Island of Misfit Toys of the web design world. We’ve had a diverse group of individuals participate in our Collaborative, but we’ve always been supportive of our differences, and often find that they are assets in our work. Everyone at Aboundant has bought into our core value of Abundance, believing that our work is making a difference in the world. Here are some traits that make a good Aboundant collaborator:

  • Desire to keep learning and growing
  • Empathy for each other, for those we work with, and for those they serve
  • Enjoys wearing multiple hats (taking on multiple roles)
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Interdependent and proactive leadership
  • Innovative and embracing of change
  • Talent and Expertise in at least one core role at Aboundant

Interested in being a Collaborator

  • We have an immediate need for a Sales, Marketing, SEO specialist. If you have experience with content development or web design, it’s a plus.
  • Aboundant plans on hiring up to six more people over the next two years in a variety of roles, let us know if you are interested.

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