Responsible, World Class Hosting

Your data – managed for you, powered by alternative energy

The Plans

Dedicated hosting, optimized for WordPress

Access to our massive library of premium software...

including the best premium theme, SEO manager, events calendar, form builder, and much more, representing thousands of dollars in value. This also includes API calls to services like Google Maps. Our average customer will save about $400 a year in software expenses.

Premium features you won't find on most platforms...

like a global content delivery network (CDN), daily backups, monthly reporting. automated upgrades, built In analytics, uptime and performance monitoring, and real time security monitoring and firewall. This also includes your domain and SSL Security certificate.

Aboundant hosting is offset by 300% alternative energy production.

Why 300%? We want to be extra sure we are making a difference while also offsetting the juice powering our laptops. Aboundant achieves these offsets by partnering with responsible hosting companies with their own offsets while also ensuring extra alternative energy production through Sol Systems.