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Aboundant Community Hosting

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10 GB SSD Storage

Apply for a Thrive Community Grant



20 GB SSD Storage

Community Contribution:

+.5 GB of RAM

Transform Plus


30 GB of SSD Storage

Community Contribution:

+.5 GB of RAM
+.5 CPU’s

Transform Max


60 GB of SSD Storage

Community Contribution:

+1 GB of RAM
+.5 CPU’s



80 GB of Storage

Community Contribution:

+1 GB of RAM
+1 CPU


Engage Plus


100 GB of SSD Storage

Community Contribution:

+1 GB of RAM
+1 CPU
+Thrive Community Grant**

*All hosting is billed annualy.
**Thrive Community Grants allow us provide a derserving organization with free hosting.

Need enterprise level hosting? We have you covered.

The Aboundant Hosting Difference

Access to our massive library of premium software...

including the best premium theme, SEO manager, events calendar, form builder, and much more, representing thousands of dollars in value. This also includes API calls to services like Google Maps. Our average customer will save about $400 a year in software expenses.

Features you won't find on most platforms...

like a global content delivery network (CDN), daily backups, monthly reporting. automated upgrades, built-in analytics, uptime and performance monitoring, and real time security monitoring and firewall. This also includes your domain and SSL security certificate.

Optimized for WordPress with Our Unique Aboundant Hub

Visit your Aboundant hub to get easy access to information about the performance of your site and to manage all your hosting needs. Our Community hosting is built from the ground up to maximise the potential of WordPress.

Automatic Scaling allows us to surmount the busiest traffic days.

Aboundant community hosting resources can be scailed almost infinitely to handle high traffic days for your difference-manking organization. So you’ll never need to worry about slowdowns on Earth Day or Easter.

Why you should invest in Community Hosting

Community Hosting is a network where everyone contributes resources for the good of all the difference-making organizations therein.

This means that depending on your subscription level, you will contribute extra processing power, memory, or even space to the network. Meaning that as the network grows, it will get faster, not slower.

Community hosting is better than dedicated or shared hosting for most organizations.

Aboundant has a lot of experience using both dedicated and shared hosting. Shared hosting seems to be a race to the bottom, where hosts allow sites to use up most of the resources on the network in order to increase profit margins, allowing spikes in traffic on a couple of sites to slow down the entire network. Dedicated hosting fails when you have unexpected spikes for your own site and suddenly don’t have enough resources to compensate.

Aboundant hosting is offset by 300% alternative energy production.

Why 300%? We want to be extra sure we are making a difference while also offsetting the juice powering our laptops. Aboundant achieves these offsets by partnering with responsible hosting companies with their own offsets while also securing extra alternative energy production through Sol Systems.

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