Giving is in Our DNA

You are doing a lot of good in the world. How can we do any less?

The work for LGBTQIA equality in religious spaces is very important to me. I am proud to have a company where these rights are valued.

Wil Ranney

Founder and Digital Minister

Making a positive impact has always been important to me. I enjoy being a part of a great company whose primary goals seek to make this world a better place, using digital media to promote values that I share.

Hannah Pederson

Operations Manager

In my community and around the world, I've experienced the injustices of poverty and climate change. Aboundant supports the ways I live into my calling, and I'm grateful.

Tim Gossett

Director of User Experience

Squashing Our Carbon Footprint

Your websites and all of the devices that access them use a lot of energy, which in turn means they have a big impact on this planet we share with billions of vulnerable people. That’s a huge concern for us, and we know it is for you too.

Through alternative energy offsets, we are currently over 500% carbon neutral for all the sites we host, and we’ll keep finding ways to audit and account for other uses of energy we incur.

Because we are a 100% remote company, we already incur a pretty small carbon footprint, but like you, we’d like to see it be less than zero.


Clean Energy Hosting

Solar and Wind Powered Offsets

Free Webinars

Since 2016

Sharing Our Knowledge

Who benefits when someone hoards their experience and insight? No one. Yet many marketing and technology companies would rather keep their proprietary knowledge to themselves, even when it could help people. We don’t understand that, so Aboundant freely shares our knowledge and invests in open source platforms like WordPress. 

Aboundant shares knowledge through public speaking, free weekly training sessions, informative blog posts, internships, social group moderation, and more. 

Giving Our Time

Your organization knows that it doesn’t have a monopoly on making a difference, and your members have callings outside the scope of your work. Like you, we encourage our staff to engage in volunteerism with other causes. Some of the groups our people choose to volunteer with are global and some are right down the street.

To encourage volunteerism and to give back, Aboundant sponsors one hour of volunteering per team member per week. 

Volunteer Hours

Since 2014

Our Team

Rev. Wil Ranney

Founder and Digital Minister

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Davis

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Davis

Director of Business Development

Hannah Pederson

Operations Manager

Andrew Olmstead

System Administrator


Irene Fulton

Web Designer


Aboundant Mascot

Our Story

Aboundant was created with the singular purpose of helping difference-making organizations effect change in a world made uncertain by rapid technological advancement and shifting cultural norms. We saw these organizations falling behind technologically and knew we could help them to adapt and thrive. To that end, Aboundant was founded in 2014 by Wil Ranney, an advocate, designer, and technology specialists with almost 20 years of experience.

Initially, we focused on church websites but quickly branched out to working with world-changing organizations on web design and development, branding, messaging, social media strategy, search engine optimization, and more.

In addition to having coders and designers, our staff has educators and theologians, activists and authors. We live the change we want to see in the world.

Our mission remains to empower change through technology. We want to help your organization to attract a multitude of followers that are actively engaged in vital acts of mercy, justice, and transformation. 

Partner with us to bring life to your mission.

Our team has the experience and expertise needed to launch, clarify, or grow change-oriented organizations. But we know that costs are sometimes a barrier when working on a budget-sensitive or grant-funded project. We’ve been in your shoes. Reach out and let’s see what we can do…together.