Be yourself while making a difference.

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Collaborate with Us


Team up with our talented group of misfit do-gooders.

Join our progressive, remote community of part-timers focused on web design and development, marketing and branding, and communications strategy for difference-making organizations.


Know that you will make a difference with Aboundant.

Abundance is in the name; the belief that there are always enough resources to go around when people work together for the common good. In addition we share values around collaboration, experimentation, and solidarity with each other, with the marginalized, and with creation.


You do “you” with our uniquely flexible setup.

Everyone at Aboundant is a real contractor, enjoying the flexibility of setting your own schedule and working conditions. But you’ll also accrue a generous stipend (in place of traditional benefits) as well as paid time off. The best of both worlds.


Get the support you need to live into your calling.

Bring your passions with you to Aboundant. If we can’t incorporate them into what we do, we’ll support you in developing them outside of your Aboundant work.

Aboundant is committed to diversity and inclusion

If you come from a historically marginalized group know that you will be appreciated at Aboundant for who you are, and that the unique perspective you bring to our collaborative will be treated as an asset. We’ll work hard to accommodate any special needs you may have.