Why We’re Investing in Community Hosting

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Aboundant is constantly evaluating hosting options to make sure we’re serving our difference-making clients with the best hosting possible at an affordable cost. In addition, we know your organization partners with aboundant because you trust that we share the same values. Two of Aboundant’s core values are collaboration and abundance, which is why we are excited to announce that we are moving to a community hosting model for most of our hosting needs.

Community Hosting is a network where everyone contributes resources for the good of all the difference-making organizations therein.

This means that depending on your subscription level, you will contribute extra processing power, memory, or even space to the network. Meaning that as the network grows, it will get faster, not slower.

Community hosting is better than dedicated or shared hosting for most organizations.

Aboundant has a lot of experience using both dedicated and shared hosting. Shared hosting seems to be a race to the bottom, where hosts allow sites to use up most of the resources on the network in order to increase profit margins, allowing spikes in traffic on a couple of sites to slow down the entire network. Dedicated hosting fails when you have unexpected spikes for your own site and suddenly don’t have enough resources to compensate. 

The community hosting difference

  1. Infinite Scaling: With Aboundant Community Hosting, we are able to scale up resources on our network to obscene levels; and instead of trying to fit the greatest number of sites on the network with the least amount of resources, we are going to scale-up the available resources with each subscription. 
  2. Automatic Scaling: In addition, Aboundant community hosting has “automatic scaling”. So when all our environmental groups are doing stuff for earth day, for example, it can bump up the resources to match the need; or when all our churches are in Holy week; or when we are just experiencing extra traffic from some new devious bot crawling our network. Our hosting will never be overtaxed.
  3. 300% Carbon Neutral: As usual, our hosting is 300% carbon neutral from clean energy production, not bogus off-sets.
  4. Free Thrive Hosting Grants: For each client that subscribes to our highest plan (Engage Plus), we’ll be able to grant a free site to a deserving, difference-making organization trying to get off the ground without negatively impacting the performance of our network.

How to get community hosting

For most of our clients, you’ll be moved at no cost to yourself, and with a similar price point. We’ll be moving sites over as their subscriptions are about to renew in most cases. If you are not currently a client, but are interested in community hosting, or if you’d like to benefit sooner from the move, let us know using the form at https://aboundant.org/hosting.

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