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To Infinity and Beyond: AI Comes to Aboundant

Are you ready for a creativity boost? As you may have noticed, within our logo lies an infinity symbol. It represents many things for us, from the number of cups of coffee we seem to consume in a typical week to the plethora of ideas we'd still love to implement....


The Harsh Cost of “We’re Not Ready for That”

In 1996, now megapastor Craig Groeschel was an associate pastor at a United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. As I did, Craig studied business in college before choosing a life in ministry. In his book, Confessions of a Pastor, he alludes to presenting his church leadership with a plan to use modern marketing techniques. In 1996, marketing was a dirty word in the church, though obviously we have softened to the idea A) because it’s effective, and B) because when Jesus is the message, how can marketing it be wrong! The first time I heard this story (admittedly second hand) it was said that the answer Craig got was, “We’re not ready for that.” Evidently Groeschal disagreed. He decided to leave the United Methodist Church and open up his own church in his two car garage. This church became Life Church, which now has over 24 campuses and claims to be one of the largest churches in the United States.

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