To Infinity and Beyond: AI Comes to Aboundant

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Innovation, AI Tools

Are you ready for a creativity boost?

As you may have noticed, within our logo lies an infinity symbol. It represents many things for us, from the number of cups of coffee we seem to consume in a typical week to the plethora of ideas we’d still love to implement. Like Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies, we’re always committed to helping our change-making clients stretch and grow “to infinity and beyond.” (See the bottom of this article for short clips with that phrase from the movies.)

Now, we’re adding another tool to help you do just that. Last week, we rolled out AI capabilities within the Divi website builder to our clients, included as part of the annual hosting plan (a $180/year value!) It’s only barely a stretch to say this gives you unlimited ways to creatively generate content for your site.

Let’s give this AI a test drive.

Here’s a quick look at an example of how this tool could be used. Suppose the team at Aboundant, believers in infinite cups of coffee, decide we want to begin selling coffee beans. I might create a blog post to announce this and start off with a text module like this.

Now, this isn’t bad. It’s a decent first draft. However, suppose I want it to have a different tone of voice…in this case, Funny. So, I click that blue “Generate Content with AI” button and begin to play around with the options there until I get something I like.

After a try or two, my original text gets replaced with something I like a lot better.

But it’s still just not quite right. So, I scroll down a bit to where it says “Refine Result,” then type in “Rewrite it to sound like Buzz Lightyear.” When I click regenerate, here’s the result.

OK, that might be a bit much, admittedly. However, the point is this: It took me longer to create those screenshots than it did to generate the text. Think about that statement for a moment. Suddenly, overworked staff, people who aren’t very strong writers, or anyone who just would like some fresh ideas has a tool that can help them to create some pretty stunning, useful, fully-editable results. After all, you really should be doing what you do best for your organization: helping people and making this world better.

Multiple tools fitting multiple situations

This AI functionality is built into many of the modules where you have the ability to create custom text, like Accordions, Blurbs, Buttons, and People modules…but it even extends beyond text to images! Here’s my first effort at using AI in the Image module to create a “Buzz Lightyear drinking coffee” image. In seconds, I get four images to choose from.

Three out of four are pretty decent. Not bad! Plus, I can always generate more if I don’t like the initial results. (But to be honest, I seriously want a coffee cup like that one on the bottom left for Christmas…)

You might be wondering if you can also create new content from scratch using AI rather than using the tools to rewrite content. The answer to that question is yes – there are actually two ways you can do that (so far).

For Aboundant users with custom sites who have RankMath for their SEO, there’s a new tool in the block editor. When you’re creating content in the block editor, there’s a new Content AI button available to you. Click that colorful AI button.

This AI text creator allows you to do 5 things:

  • create commands (for example: “Write 5 bullet points about what nonprofits can learn from Toy Story”)
  • write more copy
  • summarize a block of text
  • write an analogy
  • improve your grammar.

If you haven’t started creating your text yet, just type // and the Content AI tool will pop up for you. Learn more about this tool here.

In addition, there’s an even MORE powerful AI tool than the one described earlier in this article. It can create virtually any type of content you might need, from headline and bullet points to SEO titles and full paragraphs. In order to access this tool, just hover in the text area and then click the new AI button that looks like this:

You’ll get options to either “Write with AI” using selectable options, or “Write Automatically” if you’re just feeling lucky.

To learn more about the Divi AI tool and how to use it, click here.

The Big Picture: Creativity Drives Engagement

The big picture here is that creativity is a key driver of engagement on websites. Engagement = attention, and attention leads to signups, visits, donations, and so on. With the help of AI tools like these, you can unleash your creativity to create captivating content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Aboundant is committed to bringing you tools that will work now and into the future. We recognize the potential of AI and its ability to enhance various aspects of each client’s work life. That’s why we have integrated AI technology into our platform, allowing you to effortlessly improve, customize, and optimize your work. Our team is actively investing in trying out new tools to learn about their capabilities and to offer you options.

Now, we aren’t going to claim AI can do everything. For example, I recently asked an AI tool to create some examples for me for a novel I’m working on. Nearly every example ended up being factually incorrect. AI results can sometimes be culturally biased, theologically skewed, generic in nature, full of “invented facts,” or otherwise flawed. In time, the results for certain inputs will undoubtedly continue to improve. But if you want to quickly improve, shorten, lengthen, or just add a bit of creativity to the text you’ve created, this enhancement to Divi just might be perfect for you. You won’t need a separate subscription, and there are no usage limits in place. As with all things, be judicious as you use them or your site might start to sound as there’s little consistency to the copy.

The best way to begin using these tools is simply to create a new post or page that you can experiment with. Try each of these different ways of creating and rewriting content or images to see for yourself their capabilities and limitations. Remember, you’re deloping a new skill, and that will take and patience in order to master the tools and do things effectively.

We can’t wait to see what you create with this new functionality!

A trip down memory lane

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