Celebrate with us as we mark 10 years of difference-making work

Aboundant 10 year anniversary banner

A lot has happened in 10 years for this nonprofit web design agency, and we have a lot to be grateful for… 

And it all starts with you!

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations over the last decade and some of our early partnerships are still going strong. In some cases enough time has passed that we’ve built, then rebuilt, a brand or website for a client. We’re happy to grow alongside the organizations we are helping to grow.

Speaking of growth

Aboundant has grown every year of its existence. We’ve grown in expertise and experience, and we’ve grown in size. We’ve grown the amount of live websites we have produced, and we’ve grown in the amount of traffic those websites receive. Something that hasn’t grown? Our carbon footprint, as Aboundant’s server usage has and always will be carbon negative, offset by real alternative energy production.

We’ve weathered some storms

Like any small business getting started, some of our early times were pretty lean. Perhaps the biggest challenge was the COVID epidemic, but maybe not for the reason you are thinking. Years before Aboundant was even a nonprofit web design agency, I was trying to get nonprofits to think digitally, and this was always a particularly hard sell with religious organizations. However, it only took one pandemic for people to get on board. During that time we did a lot of digital ministry training, but for the first time in over a decade, we didn’t need to spend a lot of time being prophetic about digital community building.

Lately, we’ve switched to being prophetic about the Loneliness Epidemic with our work on Helpspring.

Our commitment to social justice has deepened

It’s no secret that our nonprofit web design agency has become more social justice oriented in the work we take on. This means that we work with more of a balance of religious groups and other nonprofits, and even the religious groups with work are more social justice oriented. For example, this year we’ve been doing a lot of work around Anti-Christian Nationalism.

Aboundant Definition - Expressing a deep conviction that any injustice can be overcome when empathetic individuals engage in collective liberation. From the Aboundant Nonprofit Web Design Agency.

Here are some things our Nonprofit Web Design Agency is looking forward to in the next 10 years. 

In the short term…

Community Hosting

We just launched Community Hosting, where unlike shared hosting, the more people that join in, the more resources the network has. Meaning your site will only get faster as more likely minded organizations join in. Stay tuned for a exciting offer related to community Hosting.

Gear Stores

We plan on launching a turn key product that adds a print on demand gear store for your organization’s brand, a service that will pay for itself while allowing fans to promote your work with shirts, mugs, and other goods. 

Google Grants

We are launching a product that helps nonprofits apply for $120,000 in FREE google advertising grants that we’ll then help administer for you.

Divi 5

Divi, our preferred advanced page-building theme for WordPress, is releasing a much anticipated upgrade this year. Early testing proves that it performs on both the front and back end. 

In the long term…


Helpspring is the second company we are launching that is an app designed to help tackle our global epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. It has AI, but in this case we mean “Actual Interactions.” We want to bring people together around shared actions that build lasting relationships, strong communities, and help us tackle the greatest challenges of our day. 

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that digital media is going to be greatly affected by AI. Which is why we are already using AI tools on an almost daily basis on behalf of our clients. And some of the software we deploy for clients have AI capabilities already. But we also know that within 10 years, AI will completely reshape our industry. We plan on staying on the cutting edge and helping our clients to do the same. 

We’re Growing!

We’d like to build up to the size where we can more readily take on bigger, even more crucial, difference-making projects. While we like the benefits of being a small nonprofit web design agency, we want to strike a balance that will allow us to work on almost any project.

Thank You

Again, a big thank you to all our former and current clients, and everyone else that has helped to make Aboundant what it is today. So many great people have worked with us over the years, and helped us along the way. You are appreciated. Please join us in our birthday celebration. 


Wil Ranney, CEO of Aboundant

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