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It’s Our Favorite “4-letter Word”…

For eight years, we’ve helped churches like yours to quickly create their own website, using our powerful do-it-yourself platform. We’ve also helped large churches, denominational offices, educational institutions, mission organizations, a streaming media service for progressive churches, and many others to reach more people with a custom website.

One of the big things we’ve learned is that one tiny little word makes all the difference: “with.”

Just think about the past year and how often you and your congregation members wanted to be with one another, with their families and friends, with their classmates at school. Churches and other religious organizations are in the “with business” of growing relationships with God and neighbor. It’s the “with factor” that makes life in community so meaningful.


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We’re going to be honest: most church websites are pretty awful. But we get it: there’s a lot to learn. Many churches struggle with technology, from knowing how to update a site regularly to learning how to get their worship services online. Do-it-yourself website tools (like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace) sound easy at first, but good luck finding anyone on their support team with experiences and needs like yours. Done-for-you, custom websites are often just not within the budget of many small and mid-sized churches.

Whatever your unique challenges are, it’s helpful to have someone give you honest, usable feedback. So,  sign up for our free, no obligation site review.

Wil, Tim, or Shelby will meet with you via Zoom to take a look at your current website. In about 20 minutes, we’ll explain things like:

  • what we think works and doesn’t work well
  • what Google thinks about your site
  • some possible next steps for your site, whether you need to tweak or trash it

All of our recommendations will be able to be executed on almost any church website platform. No website? No worries – we can brainstorm together about the digital ministries you’re dreaming of doing next!

Plus, we’ll also send you an SEO review you can use on your own to start getting better search results. ($60 value)

Later, if you decide to partner with us on a “Done With You” project, you’ll get a team of people who have worked in churches, nonprofits, and other related organizations. We know the value of a good helping hand, and we’ll work with you to reach your intended audience. We’d love to embark together on a collaborative journey where we create a new website with your help, train you to use it, and provide support when you need it.

As you can imagine, we can only partner with a few churches at a time, so each week we open up just a few spaces for these conversations. Take a moment right now to sign up for a time that works for you, using the 2-step short form below.

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Rev. Wil Ranney
CEO of Aboundant

Ordained UMC Deacon appointed to digital ministry
Adjunct Professor of Digital Ministry, Wartburg College
TED-X Speaker

Tim Gossett
Director of User Experience

Seminary Grad in Religious Education & Religious Communications
Author & Writer for United Methodist Publishing House
Specialist in Church Content and SEO

Shelby Elliott
Website Designer

Graduate in Religious Studies
Ecumenical Communications Consultant
10 Years of Church Design Experience

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