Free Church Graphics Sites Rated (2018)

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Graphic Design

We’re constantly scouring the web to find the best free stock image websites for your church use.

We ranked these sites on the following categories:

  • Sizing, making sure the graphics could be easily sized at 4:3 and 16:9.
  • Editable –  we looked at whether the graphics can be edited for individual church needs.
  • Non-Titled – We look more favorably on graphics that are free of specific church titles and that have room for churches to place their own text on.
  • Common Terms – we searched for terms including Missions, Community, Bible, Paul, Psalms, and more.
  • Complete Packages – We looked to see if there are packages that include graphics for announcements and worship slides.

1. Church Media Drop (Score 20 out of 25)

Church Media Drop was designed to be a network of church media provided by churches for the church. Users will find an impressive selection of graphics, audios, vectors and even games–all completely free!

2. CreationSwap (Score 18 out of 25)

CreationSwap is a great collection of free and paid content specifically for churches, created by the users. In addition to graphics, users can find church specific stock photos, sounds and more. Users will need to create an account to access content. Licensing: Images have a specific CreationSwap Licensing that is more complicated than the other sites listed in this post. Read more here.

3. Open Resources (Score 17 out of 25)

The staff at OpenResources desires to maximize the effectiveness of the church. The creation of an account gives users access to a wide variety of sermon audio, countdowns, promotional design graphics and opening videos for churches, completely free of charge. They only ask that the content is used non-commerically and with Christ-centered intentions.

4. Life Church Open Network  (Score 16 out of 20)

The variety of resources that can be found and downloaded for free on Life Church Open Network is amazing. They have a unique social media collection with Bible verse graphics that are easily shared on Facebook and Instagram. Life Church Open Network is more than a collection of free media, it’s also a community of pastors that can be accessed through ask life church and discussion features.

5. New Life Church (Score 15 out of 25)

New Life Church has a beautiful collection of free church graphics as well as a beautiful clean interface. All the media on the site is completely free! One downside is that the graphics aren’t searchable.

6. Seeds. (Score 13 out of 20)

Seeds. is another great resource for church graphics and beyond. Users will find a wide variety of creative items, from graphics to dramatic videos. The content on the site is completely free of charge under the condition that it stays in the original condition and is used non-commercially.

7. Graceway Media (Score 13 of 25)

Graceway Media has a wonderful collection of paid church graphics and a freebie collection with some good pieces. Thier freebie collections contains unique worship slide background, including multiscreen backgrounds, that have some great items. The company retains ownership of the graphics after downloaded, which calls for extra care when using the material. For more information check out the terms.

8. CCV Resources (Score 12 out of 20)

CCV Resources has a respectable selection of content and is definitely worth checking out. Their passion is to see lives changed with the resources they provide. The materials are created by the CCV design team and are available to congregations at no cost!

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