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Foundation for Justice and Peace

A “monumental” site that seeks to restore dignity to all human beings through groundbreaking research and education.

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“JPF” reimagined a social justice organization from the ground up. Their mission objectives were in flux as they sought to redefine themselves to take on the next great injustice. Our goal was to be flexible in the midst of their changing circumstances. This meant they needed both a site and a brand that were highly adaptable.


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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Some projects are so in flux because of the organization’s situation that there’s a lot of risk, time, and effort with lots of advanced planning. These situations call for rapid prototyping.

In this case, rapid prototyping meant skipping the mock-up phase and building live examples of the site, then constantly iterating until we settled on designs that work. The very act of iterating helps our partners to understand how they wish to present their new venture to the world. Thankfully, we use tools that are excellent at building live sites on-the-fly.

Aboundant is an innovative and caring company that always has the clients best interest at heart. They are truly partners in achieving the goals of your organization. 


Rev. Floyd Thompkins
Director of JPF

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“Monumental” Design

When your organization is trying to do inspired work, ordinary design simply wont do. With JPF we wanted the site to feel monumental. Not as in “big” but like modern examples of actual monuments. This meant long, strong, and angular design. As a result, you’ll be hard pressed to find 90 degree angles in the entire site. 

This concept starts with the logo with each letter on a wall, joined as if on the corner of slab of polished marble. 

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We encourage the organizations we work with to take ownership of their projects, so designs and content are subject to change.