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This form is to be used when you have contracted for our ongoing concierge services and would like us to add content to your website.

Please let us know where we can reach you if we have any questions.
Please give us detailed instructions for what you want us to complete, or type None if there are no text instructions. Be sure to also include 1) the existing page or post where it should go, or if it is new indicate that. 2) If you want us to replace existing text, give us the text you want us to switch with your new copy. (There's a place to add attachments below.)
Please give us detailed instructions for what you want us to complete (or just type None if there are no images needed). Include 1) the filename of the image you want us to use from your Media Library OR the name of the file you're attaching below OR a description of what you need us to source for you; 2) if you have any other instructions regarding the photo or image to be used.

Please note that if we need to source images there may be a cost to license the image. In addition, copyright is your responsibility. All images submitted must be ones you either own, have taken yourself, have explicit permission to use, or are using according to the terms of the source you got it from.
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