Why Divi Needs to Power Your Next Church Website

30_for_3-1We have nothing to hide. Our theme of choice for WordPress-based websites is Divi, and only Divi. Few other themes even come close. It’s what we use to build our own site, and it’s what we offer our clients. And starting today, Aboundant is now powered by Divi 3.0, the most amazing website builder you’ve ever seen!

Based on our own experience (and confirmed by the experience of thousands of Divi users), here are four reasons your church website needs to use Divi.

Divi is Reliable

Divi was released late in 2013 by Elegant Themes, one of the first major sources for WordPress themes. Started in 2007, Elegant Themes has (as of this writing) a whopping 87 themes! I first began using themes from them in 2008 (practically an eternity when it comes to WordPress), and I have always been impressed at the rich feature set, the beautiful design, the superb support, and the incredible value.

Many theme builders create cool-looking themes but provide few updates and little support. That isn’t the case with themes from Elegant Themes. In the case of Divi, their flagship product, they have now released version 3 (plus numerous updates to versions 1 and 2.) While many theme builders only let a few users do beta testing of their themes, over 500 people were offered the opportunity to beta test Divi 3.0 in order to help find any bugs and suggest refinements. In short, this is a company with a terrific track record of releasing new themes, keeping them up-to-date and stable, and providing incredible support.

You Can Build Almost Anything with Divi

While many church website companies show off a few beautiful themes, Divi users know that they can create almost anything with their theme. A recent article showcased 77 terrific church websites, created with a wide variety of platforms and themes. Using Divi 3.0, you could duplicate the look of practically any of these websites.

With Divi’s powerful drag-and-drop interface, amazing visual builder, 41 modules, and many other customization features, you truly can create almost anything you can imagine! So why would you use a church website company that offered just a handful of somewhat-customizable themes when you could have one infinitely powerful one?

Divi Will Grow With You

If you are new to creating websites, you could easily be overwhelmed with all that Divi can do. We get that. However, developing a church website is like any skill. You can start with the essentials and learn how to use new features a little at a time. Soon, you’ll discover that the skills you learn through using one module are quite applicable to many of the other modules as well.

In addition, there are at least 50 plugins that have been created especially for Divi. These enhance the already amazing feature set of Divi for those who really want to do something unique and different. Some are free while others cost a small amount. You won’t need these when you begin to work with Divi, but it’s nice to know there are options to consider as your skills grow!

Divi is Affordable – and Aboundant Includes It

Divi offers three plans. Their $69/year personal plan is good for someone who is getting started with building websites or for a business that just needs one or two themes. The $89/year developer plan is appropriate for anyone with more advanced skills or who creates sites for others. The best value, though, is the lifetime plan, which currently costs $249.

Now, it is entirely true that you can get WordPress themes for much less than $69. Some are pretty decent, while others will never sell enough to warrant an upgrade from the developer. However, keep in mind that your time is valuable too. Is it really worth saving a few dollars (but spending hours comparing different themes to find one you like) when you could have the world’s most powerful theme instead?

Aboundant includes Divi 3.0 as a standard feature for everyone. You won’t pay extra to get Divi, as it’s already included – along with upgrades, too. You won’t have to know anything about installing themes, either. We’ve got you covered!

If you’re ready to experience the power of Divi for yourself, sign up for a free trial of Aboundant today.

Here’s a video preview of the power of Divi.


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