Aboundant Now Provides 500% Carbon Neutral Hosting

On this 50th Earth Day, Aboundant is pleased to announce that for the past three months we’ve been offsetting the carbon emissions of our hosting by roughly 500%. We pledge to continue offering carbon-free hosting and look forward to providing more details about our environmental sustainability.

As far as we know, this makes us the only church website company providing carbon-neutral hosting, and most certainly the only one at the 500% level.

As a 100% remote workplace, Aboundant already carries an extremely low carbon footprint, but that is not good enough for the future of our planet. We have as little as 10 years to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions before we do irreparable harm to God’s creation.

We’d like to an even better job of estimating our carbon footprint and providing for even more carbon offsets. We are achieving our offsets by working with a partner company that replaces carbon-polluting energy generation from coal and gas power plants with solar, wind, and other forms of alternative energy.

We hope you’ll join us in being better stewards of the planet God gave us.

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