Church Websites

Church Websites

How to Make Sure Your Church is Found on Google and Bing

Every week, people in your area search for a community of faith to visit. Will they visit yours? Only if you take the necessary steps to ensure it will be found. Here are the key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) steps you need to take right after launching your new website or if SEO hasn't been on your to-do list.

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Digital Ministry Cheat Sheet

Make these digital ministry tasks a habit New habits change things, whether that habit has to do with an exercise regime, a business goal, or your ministry. "Digital ministry" is a brief phrase that encapsulates all of the tech-related tasks that help you to reach...

Church Websites

Why Free Church Websites Rarely Work Out

Throughout my ministry I've created a lot of free church websites, and they rarely work out for the churches involved. This is one of the main reasons I founded Aboundant. I often get asked about the free solutions that are out there, including Weebly, Wix, and Dreamhost with WordPress, so I make it a point to keep up with the latest trends. There have been a few free church website platforms over the years, but they tend to all fizzle because they never have any type of sustainable business model. Regardless of the platform used, the free church websites that I've seen created--even those I initially set up--tend to fizzle within the first couple of years. Here's why.

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