Case Study

Iowa Interfaith Power & Light

Their website is an important key in their mission of empowering Iowans of faith and conscience to take bold and just action to address our shared climate crisis.


During this second generation of Aboundant redesigns for Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, their main goal was to onboard their different constituencies into meaningful action with the organization.


Web Design
Logo Redesign
Content Development
Salsa Labs Integration

Stunning Visuals

After a period of failing to develop visual media assets, Iowa IPL was interested in upping their game. Aboundant used a new collaborative development process to redesign their main brand assets in conjunction with their staff.

In addition, it became clear that Iowa IPL was disappointed with a lack of photography assets to employ in their materials. We helped them to mount a photo competition which was a huge success, delivering them a treasure trove of photos of authentic Iowa environmental subjects.

Clear Architecture

Iowa IPL knows their constituents and how to get them involved. This gave us a clear funnel to guide people through the site. 


Iowa IPL received an unsolicited grant within a few months of launching their new website and brand. The work for Iowa IPL also became the framework for the new national Interfaith Power and Light sight, which Aboundant worked on shortly afterwards.

If you are on the fence about rebranding and building a website with Aboundant, I encourage you to work with them. They are able to deeply listen to your mission, values, and goals and turn it into a beautiful reflection via a website. Hands down it has been one of the best communications decisions we have made.


Irene DeMaris
Associate Director

Iowa Interfaith Power and Light Homepage
IFPL Screen Video
Faith Farm Climate Page
Called to Climate Action Page
We encourage the organizations we work with to take ownership of their projects, so all designs and content are subject to change.