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Solutions from The Land

An agricultural renaissance will require effective websites that tell stories, connect with people, and build trust.


Solutions had a network of seven outdated websites with a massive number of posts that needed to be centralized and freshened up for today’s audiences. In addition, their sites had to represent a global, diverse community of innovative land stewards who care for the environment through smart agriculture.


Web Design
WordPress Multisite
Brand Refresh
Advanced Directories

Consolidated Efficiencies

Solutions had seven websites, and all but one were more than a decade old. The sites were using three different hosting companies, which meant they were paying for three different subscriptions. By consolidating all of their sites under one multisite installation, we were able to save time (both development time and upkeep time) as well as service fees. As a result, their project should pay for itself over time. Since one of their subsidiaries received a large grant a few months after going live, the project might has already contributed to their bottom line.

The other benefit having all their sites consolidated into one WordPress Multisite environment is the ability to share software and users across sites, while still allowing the subsites to have an independent content and design.

Solutions from the Land (SfL) was limping along with multiple, decades old web sites and databases and needed a 21st century platform to enhance both the efficiency of our disparate operations and reach. Aboundant’s first step was to get to know us starting with our mission and core values. With that understanding they then moved on to inventory and assess our core functions. They involved the SfL team every step along the way and by doing so, we co-created the platform we are using today. Hat’s off to the Aboundant Team for their tremendous customer focus, attention to detail and great technical support.


Eanest Shea

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Smart Automations

Solutions has an important global mission with a wide scope and large audience, but they manage their communications responsibly with a small and nimble staff. We helped them to pull this off by integrating a number of automations into their workflow. 

The most important automation was an RSS driven email campaign using MailChimp. When Solutions publishes a post, MailChimp is watching and will turn it into an email campaign delivered at set intervals. It’s completely hands off for the staff. We also set up an automation for social media sharing using Buffer. Finally, we installed a robust member directory that allows Solutions to dynamic display leaders and teams across their sites. 

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Darkwood Brew Episode Page
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