Facebook Events Planning Template

Planning a Facebook event that will be hosted by your nonprofit? Here's a handy template you can use to make sure you've got all of your publicity details covered as you set up your event....

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Can your church website platform reject you?

A little over a year ago, I was searching for a new ChMS (Church Management System) with an integrated web-based volunteer system for my congregation. After months of searching and testing demos, I finally had my choices narrowed down to two companies. In reality, I had a strong leaning toward one of them, and after the full staff did a demo we decided to contract with them. What happened next, though, completely surprised me.

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Great church websites start with a great domain name

Your domain is your web address or URL, such as "". Having a good domain is essential--and you definitely aren't stuck with the one you have if you don't like it. A great domain name makes it easier for people to both find and remember your church website. It affects your official email addresses as well, seeing that the addresses end with the same domain, "". This article will hope you choose the best domain for your church.

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Are You Serious or Just Shouting?

In many churches, communicating via the church website, social networks, or email is an afterthought. Operating without a developed strategy is not unlike the clueless marketing director in the cartoon who simply either shouts out his message or hopes someone will show interest in his company. Consider the following two churches, and ask yourself which one yours is most like.

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