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Free Church Video Sites Rated (2018)

We're constantly scouring the web to find the best free video websites for your church use. We ranked these sites on the following categories: sunrise/sunset, landscapes, cross, diverse people, city life, and seamless loops. 1. Pixabay (Score 27 out of 30) In...

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Free Church Image Sites Rated (2018)

We’re constantly scouring the web to find the best free stock image websites for your church use. Be sure to check out of definitive guide to free church media. We ranked these sites on the following categories: Church Life, including scenes of worship and study...

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Why Free Church Websites Rarely Work Out

Throughout my ministry I've created a lot of free church websites, and they rarely work out for the churches involved. This is one of the main reasons I founded Aboundant. I often get asked about the free solutions that are out there, including Weebly, Wix, and Dreamhost with WordPress, so I make it a point to keep up with the latest trends. There have been a few free church website platforms over the years, but they tend to all fizzle because they never have any type of sustainable business model. Regardless of the platform used, the free church websites that I've seen created--even those I initially set up--tend to fizzle within the first couple of years. Here's why.

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Amazed That There are Still Churches without a Website?

So are we! Which is why we are launching Aboundant Boot Camps. We did a successful pilot program last Summer and are ready help more churches. Aboundant Boot Camps are ideal for parent organizations that understand the vital nature of web ministry for their member churches. Using our innovative software and interactive teaching methods, we’ll help a group of your churches to create their initial site in a single workshop. Participants will leave confident knowing they can maintain and develop their own site.

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Free Church Icons

We developed these icons to help Aboundant users build out their Beliefs pages on their website, but they're free to you when you subscribe to our e-newsletter. As usual, NO SPAM - we promise! Instead you'll get helpful tips on how to build and maintain a great web...


The Top 10 Pages Your Church Website Must Have

A couple years ago, Aboundant surveyed a group of pastors, lay persons, and church administrators about the difficulties they have experienced in launching a new church website. The number one answer was not the cost of a website or the know-how necessary to create it. Instead, the challenge most often expressed was time. In our follow up we found that "time" was often expressed in one of three ways: The time it takes to create and manage the site, the time it takes to train volunteers, and the time it takes to figure out how best to organize your site. This post addresses that last time-related concern: how to organize your site by using the top ten pages your church should have.

Church Websites

What Should You Pay for a Church Website: The Hidden Costs

You might think that church websites would be so ubiquitous that a relatively standardized price would have evolved over time. The truth is, though, that there are just too many factors to consider. In this series of articles, I'll talk about the various costs of a church website. While the stated prices can vary widely, I want to focus in this time on the hidden costs you won't find on a sales page and how you can avoid or minimize them.

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